About Us

When we decided to retire early, we turned our hand to one of our passions...collecting cool things!  Several years in and that passion has turned into a full scale business buying and selling estates.

We are out shopping nearly every weekend finding stuff for our ebay store which has been growing fast.  We have thousands of listings active at any time and ship thousands of packages a year.  The operation is based out of our warehouse in SODO.

With all this shopping, we learned what really works (and doesn't) at estate sales.  So we branched out into running estate sales. Our sales combine best practices and are underpinned by our retail experience...knowing what truly sells and for how much.

Well, so much for retirement...but when you're doing something you love, it's never work.

eBay Fulfillment Service

eBay Fulfillment Service

Love the hunt but find yourself struggling to get stuff listed on eBay?  Hate packing up items at the most inconvenient times?  Can't stand sitting at your computer for hours?

Use our eBay fulfillment service.  As one of the largest eBay stores in the area, we have the facilities and the expertise to quickly list, safely store, and securely ship items from your eBay store.

Simply drop off you items, and we'll do the rest!!!!

How does it work?

Rent a 72" x 24" shelf in our warehouse.

Drop off your items.

Give us your listing preferences.

We list your items on your own eBay account.

When an items sells, we pack and ship it.

Job done...

How much does it cost?

Shelf - $50/month

Listing - $5/item

Shipping (including all materials - $5/small item, $7/large item


You have 100 items in your ebay store and sell, on average 30 items per month at an average sale price of $50 per item.

Income - $1500

List and ship - $300

Shelf - $50

Gross profits - $1150

Cheaper than an antiques mall.  Faster and easier than doing it yourself.

Spaces are limited and subject to availability.  Terms and conditions apply.